Willed Donor
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The Body donor Program at the Department of Human Anatomy is now active. The Program accepts donations of human bodies for use by various individuals and institutions in connection with education and research. In doing so, the Program’s goals are:

  1. Assisting in the education and continuing education of current and future health care practitioners, anatomists, forensic scientists, and mortuary technicians; and
  2. Biomedical, forensic, and other scientific research that will assist in the development of procedures and/or products with the general intent of improving the human condition.

A donated body will be used by the Program and others in a manner to be determined exclusively by the Program, pursuant to the policies and procedures that are in effect at the time of a donor’s death or as they may be revised thereafter and in accordance with the Anatomy Act.

Upon proper completion of this Donation Agreement “AGREEMENT” as well as the vital statistics sheet, and thereafter by registration in the Program, donors are provided with a Donor Card that contains the information necessary to assist in contacting the Program at the time of the donor’s death. Donations are confidential. The department of Human Anatomy is forever grateful to all who wilfully donate their bodies for the furtherance of medical education.