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Swafiya Busaidy

My name is Swafiya Salim Busaidy. I joined UON in September 2012. I am currently doing a Bsc. in Anatomy. I enjoy reading Novels,Watching movies ,Road trips and Cooking.I am an open access advocate who is  interested in scientific research in anatomy and other fields of medicine,as well as mentoring young students.

Barasa Wafula

Barasa is a fourth year medical student. He is an Anatomy demonstrator. His interests include mainly in neurobiology. He loves listening to rhumba music and playing hockey.

Samuel Githinji Maina

Samuel is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery at the University of Nairobi, with a keen interest in research, particularly in the field of surgery. He is an Anatomy Demostrator. He enjoys philosophy, management, economics and an advocate for innovation through collaboration for sustained development, especially in Africa and other underdeveloped regions of the world. He spends his extra time travelling, listening to music and watching plays or movies. He also coaches a Nyayo Estate FC, a local football team in Nairobi, of which he is the sponsor. Samuel is also a mentor to a group of young boys in their teenage years.

Amir Mumin Nur

Amir is a 2nd year medical student. And a demonstrator at the department. He is easy going, outgoing enthusiastic student in gaining and sharing knowledge. His hobbies inlcude Football,swimming,Watching movies/documentaries,attending darsas,hanging out with family and friends and meeting new people.

Chadwink Ochieng'

Chadwink  joined University of Nairobi on the 20th of May 2013 as a first year MBChB student,fresh from the village,a bit primitive as is the norm for all freshers from the other side of the city. He has finished his second  year waiting to undertake Bsc Anatomy in a couple of weeks time. On his first week of studying anatomy as a first year medical student, during the introductory osteology session, a Professor walked in and asked him to demonstrate the Popliteal fossa. He innocently  stuck his finger right into the foramen magnum,,,hilarious!!!! He loves reading books especially inspirational books, often times he plays soccer with his friends and watches movies whenever he free. He is interested in research.

Faith Bonareri Aseta

I am currently BSc. Human Anatomy year 2015-2016. I joined medical school in 2013.Medical school has been amazing so far and more is yet to come. I enjoy studying Anatomy especially the fun that comes with dissection. Human Anatomy department is a family that you will always want to be part of since it is just the BEST!! I enjoy travelling to new places, watching comedies and inspirational movies and listening to music. I am interested in research and learning even more about Anatomy since I believe there’s yet more beyond what we know. 

Mutethia Nkirote

Joined the medical school University of Nairobi in May 2013. She is a demonstrator at the department of Human Anatomy. Nkirote's hobbies inlcude reading, singing, travelling, hiking and playing basketball.