Moses Obimbo Awarded a PhD in Human Anatomy
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Moses Obimbo Awarded a PhD in Human Anatomy


On December, 5, 2014 was a great day for Dr. Obimbo. This was the day he was being conferred with Doctor of Philosophy in Human Anatomy after tireless and back breaking work of slightly over three years. Moses had worked on a PhD thesis titled ‘Correlation of structure, estrogen and estrogen receptor distribution in the uterine artery of the domestic pig (Sus scrofa domesticus)’.  The ceremony began with welcome speeches whose master of ceremony was Prof. Mutoro, the DVC in charge of Academics, University of Nairobi. Each graduate seat was numbered and each graduate sat in the seat that corresponded to their names.

After the speeches, the Dean of School of Medicine called out names of his PhD graduates amidst cheers from fellow graduates.  When the Dean of School read out Moses name, Moses walked across the dais where the Chancellor and the Vice-Chancellor congratulated him on his achievement with a handshake, he was presented with a certificate and tudor bonnet. It was such a memorable day for him, a dream come true!! Afterwards he had a party in which some of his colleagues and relatives attended.

His research demonstrated advancement of knowledge in the following manner; He found out that uterine artery was preponderantly muscular. It demonstrated intimal thickening in reproductive age. Canalization of the uterine artery in young domestic pigs occurred postnatally and proceeded proximo-distally and was completed by the forth week. The forth week also coincided with the highest surge of estrogen hormone levels.

In non gravid and gravid stages, the main and broad ligament trunk tunica media demonstrated zonation with inner circular and outer longitudinal smooth muscle layers. The outer muscles were discontinuous and formed islands resembling ‘taenia’.  Vasa vasora were seen extending into the inner zone of the tunica media. The terminal trunk had only circular muscle layer in the tunica media. 

The level of 17 Beta - Estradiol steadily rose with age and plateaued by 17th week of domestic pigs’ life.  There was an exponential rise in values of the hormone within the first five weeks followed by a steady increase, remained fairly constant during reproductive period and rose in pregnancy almost two fold peaking in the third trimester.  Positive immunostaining was seen in all the mural components of the uterine artery. The strongest reaction was observed in tunica intima of all classes of uterine arteries except in pregnancy where the strongest reaction was in the media. Intima, media and adventitial thickness and luminal diameters increased with age. Growth in the intima was more time dependent while medial growth appeared to be more estrogen hormone level dependent.

The department of Human Anatomy congratulates Dr. Obimbo on his achievement.