Dr. Obimbo shares his experience at University of California San Fransisco
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Thu, 2015-07-16 06:51

Dr. Moses Obimbo at UCSF

California is a great state and San Francisco a city within is the epitome of greatness, needless to say! My past one and half weeks in this city has been dazzling! Lots of work to do, a lot of expectations to meet and deadlines to watch but you will always find sometime to relax, interact with nature, play your cool music on piano in a public park and even catch up with your favorite beer at times! As a mater of fact, I had to sit for a laboratory entrance examination before being allowed to enter anyone's Lab, thank God I passed! The Lab I am working in is under the Department of OBGYN and Reproductive Sciences and has four main principal investigators. My PI is Prof. Susan Fisher a well re-known leader in Science. 

UCSF regenerative medicine research lab

The Lab specializes in Stem cell research and Regenerative Medicine as you may have seen in one of the pictures. The players are mainly post doc fellows and surprisingly, almost 80% of the fellows here are of Asian origin!! I am the only black dude in the whole of this LAB! But everyone is warm and have been very supportive!

Research at UCSF is cutting edge. For example, 

  1. One finalist Post doc from Harvard is doing research on molecular imaging of stem cells meant for arterial healing, he just got a faculty position at Stanford and Bufallo!
  2. Another one from Germany is working on hepatic stem cells in liver regeneration
  3. Many are doing stuff on neuronal migration and regeneration using those factors that you read from your text

So far so good! My research is turning out great, though I had to do everything for my self, from placing orders for reagents and solutions from Sigma-Aldrich, mixing them, sectioning my blocks, staining and reading. Photography here is very advanced. Some of the basic techniques here include the usage of confocal microscopy! I miss Ugali!

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