Bachelor of Science Anatomy Dissertation Defense
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Date and time: 
Thu, 2015-08-27 16:44

Prof. Malek (Left) and Prof. El-Badawi (right) at the defense

The 2014/2015 B.Sc. Anatomy students defended their dissertations at the department of Human Anatomy. The candidates were;

  1. Mr. Evans Mutwiri who discussed the Effect of odorant stimulation on the regeneration of the rat olfactory mucosa following carbimazole induced injury. 
  2. Ms. Swafiya Salim El- Busaidy who discussed the Age and sex differences in the structure of the crista Terminalis
  3. Mr. Brian Bundi Nyamweya Topography and age related changes in the hepatic bile duct

Examiners in the panel 

The convener of the meeting was Dr. Anne Pulei. The external examiners during the event were Prof. El-Badawi from Moi University and Prof. Hassanali from Pwani University. All members of teaching staff were around. The department wishes the three well in the rest of their studies through the medical school. 

Evains Mutwiri presentig his desertation








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