Dr. Martin Kamau attends operation smile Cleft surgery training programme India
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Thu, 2015-09-10 19:10

Left to right. Dr HemantaKalita (staff surgeon), Dr Kamau Martin, Dr Hiteswar Sarma (Medical Director-GC4)  

Dr. Martin Kamau a lecturer at the department and an oral maxillofacial surgeon participated in a cleft lift training in India. The training programme encompassed rotation through two centres of excellence in India that provided training in facial cleft care and craniofacial surgery as well as attendance of a craniofacial symposium and workshop.

1: Guwahati Comprehensive Cleft Care Centre in Assam, India

2: Maaya Foundation for Craniofacial Surgery in Bangalore, India

3: Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi, India

The key objective was to improve knowledge and skills that would enhance my approach to the management ofcleft and craniofacial patients as well as provide a solid foundation for research and teaching in clefts and craniofacial biology at the University of Nairobi. Learning outcomes included gaining knowledge and skills in cleft care, craniofacial and aesthetic surgery while also gaining exposure to novel areas of research in craniofacial biology. During this training he was able to get Inter-institute colloboration in training and research as well as Continuing training opportunities at these centres of excellence. 

From left to right: Dr Chetana, Mr Prashant, Professor Krishna Shama Rao, Dr Kamau, Ms Lima, Dr Tarun, Mrs Rao

The Operation Smile Cleft Surgery Training Program is an internationally acclaimed fellowship aimed at empowering surgeons particularly from developing countries to gain the requisite skills in the management of facial clefts as well as complex craniofacial malformations. It encompassed rotation through two different centres in India as well as attendance of a craniofacial workshop. GUWAHATI COMPREHENSIVE CLEFT CARE CENTRE, ASSAM, INDIA. GC4 is the largest comprehensive cleft care centre in the world having successful operated on over 15000 cases since its inception in 2011. It was set up as part of a private-public partnership between the Government of Assam and Operation Smile International (an American based NGO that focusses on cleft care) at the Mahendra Mohan Choudhary Hospital in Guwahati. 

Leforte III osteotomy on a dry skull

Maaya foundation for Craniofacial Surgery was incorporated in 2006 by Professor, Dr Krishna Shama Rao with the vision of providing comprehensive care to patients who have complex Craniofacial malformations. Prof Krishna is one of only 12 surgeons worldwide to be awarded the Hugo Obwegesser award for Corrective Surgery of Craniofacial Skeletal anomalies as a pioneer in this field in India. 

Dr. Kamau was exposed to comprehensive cleft care as well as principles of management of complex craniofacial malformations. The scope of management covered cleft surgery, orthognathic surgery to complex craniofacial surgery. Additionally, there was the incorporation of aesthetic surgery to add to the component of ‘finishing’ surgery’! This included experience in cosmetic procedures such as mesenchymal stem cell facial revunation, rhinoplasty, hair transplants and other cosmetic procedures. The principle behind this was to encompass reconstruction of facial deformities and include the final facial cosmetic procedures for holistic treatment.

The fellowship also combined didactic presentations and rigorous question and answer sessions in the broad area of craniofacial malformations to further enhance the learning experience. Further, he attended a craniofacial symposium and workshop at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences that brought together India’s top craniofacial surgical teams to discuss the scope of craniofacial surgery, their surgical experiences as well as the future of craniofacial surgery such endoscopic approaches in the management of craniosynostosis.

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