Dr. Paul Odula Awarded a PhD in Human Anatomy
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Tue, 2015-12-15 20:26


Dr Paul Odula interest in the causation and management of abdominal hernias dates back to the '90s. At the time, abdominal hernias were the commonest cause of abdominal emergencies and in particular intestinal obstruction. He studied 'the immediate outcome of groin hernia surgery at a tertiary institution in Kampala' for his MMed thesis. He published two articles from this study in 2004 and they have since received over 88 views/ reads, 10 citations and numerous downloads. He went ahead and registered for a PhD at the University of Nairobi, where he studied 'The histomorphology and tensiometry of the fibrous ventral abdominal wall in the baboon and the goat'. 

In a study which lasted 5 years, he looked at the structure and strength of the  fibrous anterior abdominal wall. He described unique histological findings and complementary tensiometric characteristics in his study. He related these to function and proposed their association to disorders such as rectus diastases and hernia formation. This study has resulted into several articles, two of which have been published, with two others undergoing peer review. He successfully defended his PhD thesis on 18th November, 2015 and went on graduate at a colorful ceremony at the 52nd graduation congregation on 4th December, 2015. The department of Human Anatomy Congratulates Dr. Odula on his achievement.

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