Hassan Saidi Promoted to Professor
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Mon, 2016-02-01 21:39

Hassan Saidi has been promoted to professor of Human Anatomy after a successful evaluation.

Saidi was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. He performed well in his formative studies before joining the University of Nairobi to study Medicine. He performed exemplarily well in Human Anatomy in his first year and was enrolled in the prestigious course of B.Sc. Human Anatomy, from which he graduated with honors. His notable teachers of Anatomy include the late Prof. Joseph Mungai and the late Prof. James Kimani. Saidi thereafter completed his undergraduate medical training before enrolling in a Masters of Medicine program in Surgery. During this period, he was employed as an assistant lecturer in the Department of Human Anatomy. On completion of his Masters degree training, he was promoted to the position of lecturer. He held this position for three years before advancing to become a senior lecturer and subsequently an associate professor of Anatomy in 2011.

He is an excellent teacher of Anatomy, with a thirty-year experience in instruction and teaching Human Anatomy at the University of Nairobi, Aga Khan University Nairobi and University of Pennsylvania. He has mastery of Embryology, Gross Anatomy, Histology and molecular biology, with Surgical anatomy as his pet subject. Prof. Hassan Saidi has taught over 4000 undergraduate medical students, supervised over 40 B.Sc. Anatomy students, 30 Master of Medicine Surgery students, 4 Master of Anatomy students. He has mentored many reknowned surgeons, doctors and clinical officers.  

Prof. Hassan Saidi has published over 60 high impact peer reviewed articles in local and international journals. His research activity focuses on clinical anatomy in all its aspects, trauma, oncology and surgery of the digestive tract. He has published a book on histology and is in the process of publishing a text book of Surgical Anatomy. Prof. Hassan Saidi has held many leadership roles in the University of Nairobi, initially as a course coordinator and rising to become the chairman of thematic areas within the department. He is currently the substantive Chairman of the Department of Human Anatomy. Prof. Hassan Saidi is also the associate dean, Preclinical departments of the University of Nairobi. During his tenure as a chairman, he has shepherded the establishment of the Nairobi Surgical Skills Center, publication of the Kimani’s Histology Text and Atlas, Establishment of the Anatomy Journal of Africa, supported staff development, training and promotion as well as supporting many local and international staff retreats.

Prof. Hassan Saidi is a celebrated general and laparoscopic surgeon in Nairobi, Kenya. He is a fellow, American College of Surgeons. He is actively involved in the residency training in the University of Nairobi, Kenyatta National Hospital and Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi. He is the immediate former president of the Surgical Society of Kenya.  His contributions to the surgical fraternity in Kenya include promotion of resident training in major teaching hospitals, promotion of research and grants locally, revamping the annual surgical society of Kenya retreats, promoting the annual Surgical Society of Kenya surgical camps, linkages with the American College of Surgeons and establishment of the biannual Annals of African Surgery.

Dr. David Karuri, one of his students describes him as ‘A Professor of Surgery, a character to emulate and a friend to keep’.

Dr. Mark Karanja describes him as ‘An Astute Leader, A principled man and an excellent Mentor.

Prof Hassan has indeed many friends. He definitely does not know all of them, but yet he will never deny any genuine person seeking assistance. Taking time to engage with different age groups and this he does effortlessly. An opportunity to watch football, play some basketball or just have a ‘chat’ (always very insightful and refreshing) over some coffee snack is a sought-after opportunity by many. In his 36hr day, he still finds the time to call up and catch up with his friends, his objective to savor every moment with friends to improve them in one way or another. What better FRIEND TO KEEP!

Prof. Hassan Saidi is married, with three sons. He is actively involved in charity and volunteer activities through HAIBA foundation and other charity groups.

The Department of Human Anatomy congratulates Prof. Hassan Saidi on his promotion to the position of Professor of Human Anatomy.



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