Soft Skills Training Among First Year Medicine and Dentistry Students
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Fri, 2016-03-04 07:16


Panelists during the meeting

First year Medicine and Dentistry students, saw the initiation of the soft skills classes. These sessions aim at teaching these students communication skills and professional etiquette. The most recent of these sessions was on  Friday 26th February 2016, which was on patient centered communication skills. The topics discussed included: breaking bad news to patients, clarity of communication, empathy and compassion, attentive listening and dealing with difficult patients. The speakers on this particular day were Prof. Fred Were – Dean school of medicine, Prof. Ngumi – Chairman department of anaesthesia, Prof. C.F Otieno – Prof of internal medicine, Prof. Malek –  Department of human anatomy, Dr. Ayah – School of community health, Dr. Odula – Department of human anatomy and Dr. Pulei who was the convener of the meeting. The session began with an introduction of the panelists by Dr. Paul Odula. Prof. Ngumi gave the students real scenarios in which breaking bad news can turn to be difficult. She made it clear to them that, in a language that the relatives understand, they should be explained to in detail what events led to the patients death, and to keep in mind that angry relatives may turn violent. She also said that being human in how we treat patients is very important. Dr Ayah, echoed the importance of clarity in language. He advised the students to read wide and beyond, so as to master common languages well. The more words one gathers, the more it is easier to explain a situation using different words in order to clearly explain diseases and their outcomes to patients and their relatives. Prof. Otieno, reminded the first year students of their long journey through med school, and how important it is to be well rounded in regard to how one carry's themselves both in appearance and academics. He advised them to devote themselves in mastering the art of bringing together the pieces of information learnt each year so as to have a solid foundation of knowledge. He also advised them to refine their language and to communicate professionally.

Prof. Malek recommended the application of wisdom in every situation these students will encounter on their journey of being doctors. Prof. Were encouraged the students to dedicate themselves into proper communicational skills, to be empathetic when handling patients and to also create time for themselves and their families not allowing work to consume them. The session moderators were Dr. Odula and Dr Pulei. At the end of the session, one of the students volunteered to give the vote of thanks, he appreciated what the speakers had to say.


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