Intermediate laparoscopy skills training course
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Date and time: 
Sun, 2016-04-24 02:57

Dr. Benard Ndung'u (Left), instructing participants at the course

The 2nd intermediate laparoscopic skills course was conducted at the Nairobi Surgical Skills Centre (NSSC) on 15-16th April 2016 by Dr Bernard M. Ndungu of The Department of Human Anatomy and Dr. Acharya of the MP Shah hospital.  This course was designed to give participants an in-depth understanding of ideal utilization of different types of energy sources, the principles of tissue approximation with emphasis on knotting and endosuturing, indications and methodology of applying these techniques, with extensive hands on practice of the same. This specific one was offered to Surgical residents from UoN and AKUH who had prior training in basic laparoscopic skills. The participants mastered Principles and methods of tissue approximation, techniques of various intracorporeal surgical suturing, indications and application of various knots, endosuturing and ergonomics of intracorporeal suturing.

The exponential growth of laparoscopic surgery was engendered by success of laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Despite the popularity of the laparoscopic surgery, the lack of training in judicious use of energy sources in a laparoscopic setting and in fluency in suturing and knot tying have kept a wider range of laparoscopic operations at bay for many. This requires substantial practice for mastery.

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