Department Of Human Anatomy Hosts 2017 Ubongo Brain Awareness Event
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Sat, 2017-03-18 17:57

Some of the students that attended the 2017 Ubongo brain awareness event pose for a photo with the principal College of Health Sciences, Prof. I.O. Kibwage (front row, 3rd from right) and event patron Dr. Phillip Mwachaka (front row, 5th from right).

The Ubongo Brain Awareness Campaign is the Kenyan chapter of the International Brain Awareness Campaign based at the University of Nairobi. Each year, members of the Ubongo Brain Awareness Campaign under the guidance of Dr Mwachaka (Human Anatomy) and Prof. Nilesh Patel (Medical Physiology), organize brain awareness events in Kenya. This year’s event was held at the Department of Human Anatomy and Medical Physiology on 18th March 2017. About eighty high school students from nearby schools attended.  The aim of the event was to acquaint high school students with contemporary aspects in neuroscience including effects of drug and substance abuse on the brain, neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, and careers in neuroscience. The event also aimed at building a continuing mentorship program for the high school students in the neurosciences and its related fields.

2017 Ubongo Campaign Organizers (In black T-shirts) pose for a photo with Dr. Chitayi (6th from right front row), Prof I.O. Kibwage (7th from right, front row) and Dr Mwachaka  (8th from right, front row)

The Principal College of Health Sciences, Prof. Isaac Kibwage was the chief guest. He gave a talk on ‘keeping the brain healthy’. He further encouraged the students to consider a future in neuroscience. Other speakers included Dr Peter Kitunguu (neurosurgeon) who talked about careers in neuroscience and Dr Chitayi Murabula (Psychiatrist) who explained to the students the effects of drug and substance abuse on the brain. The students were also introduced to basic neuroanatomy and neurophysiology through demonstrations carried out by intercalated BSc. Human Anatomy and BSc. Medical Physiology students.

Students keenly follow the proceedings

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