Academic year 2011/2012
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24.  Ongeti KW. Split thickness skin grafting in an immunocompromised patient at Kenyatta National Hospital

25.  Magoma G, Saidi H, Kaisha W. relation of the external laryngeal nerve to superior thyroid artery in an African population. Anatomy Journal of Africa, 2012; 1: 27-29


·         Mandela P. living the mysteries of the Holy rosary 2012; London, Xlibris Publishing Corporation


·         Ongeti K. Androgen receptor distribution in the human carotid artery


1.      Misiani M. Age related changes in the microscopic organization of the plantar fascia

2.      Poonamjeet L. Structural organization of the aortopulmonary junction

3.      Nderity S. anatomical organization of infraorbital nerve complex

4.      Waisiko Bethleen. Renal vein variations


·         Beda

·         A Pulei

·         P.Mwachaka. Structural changes in the rabbit neural retina following monocular deprivation


The following members of staff are studying for their doctorates in various fields

1.      Moses  Obimbo: structure, adrenergic innervation and distribution of estrogen receptors in uterine artery of pig (PhD Anatomy)

2.      Hassan Saidi: Insights into major trauma outcome in Nairobi, Kenya (PhD Surgery)

3.      Paul Odula Paul: A comparative morphology of the anterior abdominal wall aponeurosis of the baboon and the goat. PhD (Anatomy)

4.      Julius Ogeng’o: Anatomical risk factors for atherosclerosis in Kenyan population. (MD project)



The Nairobi Surgical Skills Center (NSSC), a state of the art training facility and a mark of excellence in public –prive partnership  was officially inaugurated in November 2012


1.      Prof. Ogeng’o left the chair position in the department to assume the MD position at UNES. Prof. Hassan Saidi took over the reigns of leadership of the department.

2.      Dr. Phillip Maseghe joined the department as a tutorial fellow pursuing his MSc in Anatomy

3.      Mrs. Leah Ndungu replaced our long serving secretary, Hydah Lumumba as secretary to the chairman

4.      Mr. Gathenji retired after servicing as technical staff for 32 years

5.      Mr. Martin Inyimili completed a degree in BSc (Biology) of the University of Nairobi.

6.      Dr. Olabu and Mr. Murunga visited Sharjah Surgical Institute in Dubai for the purpose f benchmarking NSSC service delivery with the best out there!

7.      Academic staff took their annual team biliding/planning retreat to Lake Nakuru Lodge

8.      Promotions: Dr. Odula to senior lecturer and Dr. Obimbo to Lecturer

9.      The following staff members received the listed awards at the Preclinical ball held at the Sarova Panafric Hotel, Nairobi:

(i)     Mr. Martin Inyimili – exemplary performance in technical staff category

(ii)   Mrs. Catherine Chinga –best performer in the administrative staff support

(iii) Dr. Olabu beda –Student support

(iv)  Prof. Saidi Hassan –Linkages, student supervision and scientific publicaitons


The teaching program has been restructured to deliver core content in a 30-week academic calendar.

The department introduced the Anatomy Journal of Africa to drive anatomy research in Africa. The journal’s editor, associate editor and managing eidoti are Prof. ogengo, Prof Saidi and Dr. Ongeti


The Department has continued to receive excellent reviews in terms of its approach to learning, course organization, availability of materials, mentorship and student support and effective assessments. The public has also viewed the services at the Chiromo Funeral Services favourably.

Prof. Hassan Saidi


January, 2013.