The aim of the programme is to produce persons who have in-depth study of medical physiology.  This is important for those who would like to pursue a higher degree in physiology like doctorate or in clinical medicine.  It is from this pool that medical physiology lecturers can be drawn.

The first year is fully devoted to course work and identification  of research areas.  The students will be required to take nine courses which are all compulsory namely - reproductive anatomy; reproductive physiology; environmental factors in reproduction; laboratory methods in reproductive biology and animal models; reproductive biochemistry pharmacology and immunology; selected topics in reproductive health; family planning; social behaviour and population; reproductive epidemiology and biostatistics; principles of scientific communication.

The research proposal is also drafted in the first year so that Second year will be fully devoted to research and thesis writing and examination.

  1. The Master of Science degree program in Medical Physiology shall cover a minimum of two (2) academic years and a maximum of three (3) academic years after registration.
  2. Registration for more than three (3) years may be granted by the Senate as provided in the University’s Common regulations for Master’s degrees.
  3. An academic year shall consist of three semesters, each of 15 week duration, and each course unit shall be 45 hours.
  4. The degree program shall comprise of lectures, seminars, tutorials and laboratory exercises and in some course units e-learning.
  5. All courses for the degree of Masters in Science in Medical Physiology will be compulsory except in the case of credit transfers as stipulated by the regulations of the School of Medicine which govern credit transfers as stipulated in section 4.
  6. A candidate shall enroll in all course units covered in each year, except in special cases approved by the Senate on the recommendation of School Board and College Academic Board.
  7. The candidate shall be required to undertake supervised teaching (lectures, tutorials or laboratory demonstrations) averaging two hours per week throughout the program.
  8. The candidate will be required to attend Departmental seminars and to make scheduled periodic seminar presentations.
  9. The candidate shall provide a written progress report the Dean every three (3) months through the supervisor and chairman with a copy to the Board of Postgraduate Studies.
  10. The second academic year shall be devoted to research and preparation of the Master’s thesis. 
  11. A candidate exceeding the prescribed maximum duration of the course (three academic years) without valid reason shall be discontinued.


Applicants will have a first degree in biological medical disciplines such as a BSc. in physiology, human anatomy, biochemistry, veterinary physiology and zoology or MBChB, BDS, BPharm.



         Year 1-9units        Year 2-3units   
TUITION          348,000.00        348,000.00   696,000.00
EXAMINATION (PER UNIT @1000)               9,000.00             3,000.00     12,000.00
MEDICAL FEE (PER YEAR)               6,500.00             6,500.00     13,000.00
ICT SERVICES - (PER YEAR)               7,000.00             7,000.00     14,000.00
REGISTRATION (PER SEMESTER@2250)               4,500.00             4,500.00       9,000.00
ACTIVITY-( PER YEAR)               2,000.00             2,000.00       4,000.00
LIBRARY (PER YEAR)               5,000.00             5,000.00     10,000.00
ID CARD ( PER YEAR)               1,000.00             1,000.00       2,000.00
CAUTION - (ONCE)               5,000.00                          -          5,000.00
STUDENT ORGANISATION(PER YEAR)               1,000.00             1,000.00       2,000.00
THESIS EXAMINATION                            -              30,000.00     30,000.00
Grand totals          389,000.00        408,000.00   797,000.00