The tasks of the University Library System towards the accomplishment of the functions and objectives enlisted in the University of Nairobi Act 1985, to carry out basic functions of acquiring, organizing and disseminating information in support of the University mission. More specifically it is to provide reading, reference, research materials and other library services to the students, academic staff, non-academic staff and to a limited number of qualified outsiders.

Department of Human Anatomy & Physiology Infrastructure

The department teaches over 700 students in 8 undergraduate and 9 postgraduate programs. It has, despite enormous challenges, retained the traditional dissection mode of instruction and blended it with 'newer teaching methods. The department is focused on transformative research themes from animal and fossil-based to patients, autopsy, and cadaver material and restored active publication in applied anatomy and diverse clinical fields.



Welcome to the University of Nairobi Library Department

Here at the Library department, we are committed to providing quality service to our patrons and aiding them in accessing relevant information resources for teaching, learning, research, and consultancy. To this end, we have invested in our staff and key innovations in order to enhance the Library experience.

The Library system boasts professional staff who are well trained and experienced in academic information management. Friendly Library staff are always available for consultation.

Teaching Venues

The Nairobi Surgical Skills Centre (NSSC), a joint initiative between the University of Nairobi, Johnson & Johnson and Philips Healthcare Technologies.

This state-of-the-art facility is located in Chiromo Campus. NSSC was established to impart practical surgical experience among healthcare professionals in Kenya and the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa.