About Us


The Department of Human Anatomy of the University of Nairobi offers a robust anatomy education for over 500 undergraduate and postgraduate students pursuing courses in Medicine, Surgery, dentistry, pharmacy and nursing. Through a combination of didactic and hands-on cadaveric dissection, the anatomy student at UON undertakes a comprehensive and integrated course in Gross Anatomy, Neuroanatomy and Microscopic Anatomy and Developmental anatomy which firms a basis for a medical career.  Our faculty are clinician-anatomists, global in their perspectives and offer a platform where anatomy is taught with emphasis on clinical applications in each course. Although dissection remains the main modality of study, the department has embraced IT in the instruction to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

We have the facilities and infrastructure to deliver our courses. The recent addition of the a world class surgical skills laboratory is a key feature of our development and purpose to offer custom made courses for residents, qualified surgeons  from Kenya and around the region throughout other year.

Our research portfolio is impressive. We have continued to contribute to the anatomy literature from the strongpoint of clinical anatomy, cardiovascular and connective tissue biology, aging biology and neuroscience. Collaborations and linkages are key in our ability to advance research. The next platform is to engage colleagues in the university and industry for joint projects including medical device design and anatomy education materials.