The overall goal of the programme is to equip the grandaunts with knowledge, attitudes, skills and competencies that are necessary for a research scientist in specific thematic areas of human anatomy. The gradualness are expected to appraise scientific developments in the field of Human Anatomy for translational research, design research in specific thematic areas of anatomical sciences and translational research which address the science of health needs, practice dissemination of anatomical sciences to relevant audiences and demonstrate leadership in specific thematic areas of anatomical sciences and translational research.

The Programme shall run over a minimum of three academic years and a maximum of five years for full time students.

The course has two parts. The first part covers the tuition component of the course. In the second part, students will cover the research (thesis) component of the course. 

  1. The common regulations for Doctor of Philosophy of the University of Nairobi shall apply.
  2. The applicants eligible for admission into the program shall fulfil all the following conditions:
    1. Holder of a Master of Medicine degree or
    2. Holders of Master of Dental Surgery degree or 
    3. Holders of Master of Science in Anatomy or
    4. Holders of equivalent degrees from Universities recognized by the University of Nairobi Senate.
    5. Provide a certificate of proficiency in the use of the English language or evidence of having studied using the language.
    6. Pass an entry examination.
    7. This curriculum is also available for individuals who wish to pursue intercalated PhD. Anatomy if they have completed their first year of Mmed in A surgical Discipline in addition to having successfully completed an MSc Anatomy or B.Sc Anatomy. 

1. Teaching Human Anatomy.

2. Anatomical research.


   YEAR 1   YEAR 2   YEAR 3    TOTALS 
TUITION              396,000.00              396,000.00              396,000.00                1,188,000.00
ICT SERVICES - (PER YEAR)                   7,000.00                   7,000.00                   7,000.00                      21,000.00
THESIS EXAMINATION                                -                                   -                   50,000.00                      50,000.00
REGISTRATION (PER SEMESTER@2250)                   4,500.00                   4,500.00                   4,500.00                      13,500.00
ID CARD (PER YEAR)                   1,000.00                   1,000.00                   1,000.00                        3,000.00
CAUTION - (ONCE)                   5,000.00                                -                                   -                           5,000.00
MEDICAL FEE (PER YEAR)                   6,500.00                   6,500.00                   6,500.00                      19,500.00
ACTIVITY-(PER YEAR)                   2,000.00                   2,000.00                   2,000.00                        6,000.00
LIBRARY (PER YEAR)                   5,000.00                   5,000.00                   5,000.00                      15,000.00
STUDENT Organization(PER YEAR)                   1,000.00                   1,000.00                   1,000.00                        3,000.00
Grand totals   428,000.00   423,000.00   473,000.00    1,324,000.00

NOTE: The above fees is applicable to both local and international students.