Oral Biology

Human Pathology

Introduction to Oral Biology,Introduction to  Functions of Oral Cavity,Dentition/Tooth in situ,Tooth Morphology/Chronology, Incisors, Canines, Premolars, Molars, Deciduous Dentition, Clinical relevance/Forensic odontology, Development Tooth  I Crown, Development Tooth II Root, Development /Structure Enamel  I, Development /Structure Enamel  Il, Development /Structure Dentine  I, Development/Structure Dentine  II, Dental Pulp , Dentine Pulp Complex, Chemical composition of dental tissues, CImage removed. PO4 Metabolism, Collagen and mineralization, Development and Structure of Attachment tissues , Cementum/ Alveolar bone, Periodontal  ligament, Attachment tissue changes /function, eruption/orthodontic, Practical dental histology, Erupion and (shedding of deciduas  teeth) Saliva, Integuments of teeth/plaque, calculus,staining .Fluorosis, Patho-physiology of dental caries, Oral Mucosa/Gingivae, Mastication/swallowing ,Innervations of oro-facial region, Sensations arising from oral cavity/pain and taste

Development of facial region

Development Jaws – skull/occlusion

Imaging/Dental radiology


Biology of aging

Stress in Dental Practice

Effect of Diet/Hormones 

Comparative dental anatomy/ Hominid evolution

Oral examiantion

Visit to the museum

Revision/ practical dental histology

Tooth molphology/chronology

Revision anatomy/histology and embryology

Osteology of skull/mandible, hyoid

Anatomy of oral cavity/salivary glands

Masticatory apapratus