The course covers the following topic areas; Structures of amino acids, peptides and proteins,
Enzymes and metabolism, Carbohydrates and glycoproteins, Nucleic acids, Replication,
Replication, Transcription, Translation, Chromatin remodeling and splicing, Cells, the
simplest functional units, Genetics 1—Cell division and segregating genetic material,

Genetics 2—Rules of inheritance, Genetics 3—Linkage, crossing over, Genetics 4—The
power of model organisms in biological discovery, Recombinant DNA, cloning, and editing,
Genomes and DNA sequencing, SNPs and human genetics, Cell trafficking and protein
localization, Cell signaling 1—Overview, Cell signaling 2—Examples, Neurons, action
potential, and optogenetics, Cell cycle and checkpoints, Stem cells, apoptosis, and tissue
homeostasis, Visualizing life—Dyes and stains, Viruses and anti-viral resistance, Bacteria
and antibiotic resistance, Infectious disease, viruses, and bacteria, Reproductive cloning and
embryonic stem cells